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An Essay On “Gender Equality

Gender Equality is an important problem in the modern world. We should educate the students about gender equality. Gender equality is a guideline about the gender of men and women.  Gender equality means equality in the rights, responsibilities and problems between men and women. In our society, we should support gender equality. Equality does not […]

Golden Rules to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Golden Rules That You Should Follow if You Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

A process of designing, running and launching a new business with the help of new ideas is known as entrepreneurship. A person who designs runs and launches a new business with the help of his own unique ideas is known as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is known as a source of new ideas in the […]

Nuclear Weapons

How Can The International Community Prevent Iran From Developing Nuclear Weapons?

A nuclear weapon is a caustic force that can obliterate possessions. It is a volatile device that represents destruction.  However, the first new clear weapon was released in 1833. The weight of that nuclear weapon was 25,000 tons of TNT. However, the weight of a little thermonuclear weapon is equal to 43PJ. In this argumentative […]