How To Create An Interview Guide

How to Create an Interview Guide

Face to face meetings in which some questions are asked by the interviewer and the answers to these questions are given by interviewee are known as an interview. Before conducting an interview, a list of questions is prepared. This list of questions is known as an interview guide. There are three methods to prepare an interview guide. First is known as structured, second is known as unstructured and the last is known as semi-structured. If you don’t know how to create an interview guide, then you can get help from experts in dissertation proposal writing services. Some essential tips to create an interview guide are given below;

  • Consider the relationship between interviewers and interviewees

The first step to prepare an interview guide is to identify the members of populations from whom you are going to conduct an interview. You just need to select such members of the population for the interview who can provide you with rich and descriptive information about the interview questions. There should be two essential qualities of an interviewee. First of all, he/she should have enough knowledge that he/she can provide in-depth information about your research topic. Secondly, he/she should be willing to give enough time for the interview.

  • Select an interview format

As we have discussed earlier that there are different kinds of interviews. You just need to select one of them. If you want to gather the information in a directive way, then you should select a structured interview. If you want to gather the information in a non-directive way, then you should select an unstructured interview. If you are interested to provide one-on-one direction to your information, then you should try to select the ethnographic type of interview. After selecting an interview format, the students will get clear directions to gather the information in an effective way.

  • Developing the interview questions

Now, there comes the process of developing the questions for an interview guide. For this reason, the students should try to conduct effective research about their topic. After conducting effective research, the students will be able to prepare a list of the best interview questions. Along with these questions, the students should also include some additional questions in an interview guide. In these questions, first of all, you should add a question about the experiences and behaviour of the interviewer. Secondly, you should ask a question to get their opinions and values. Thirdly, you should try to get an idea about the feelings of an interviewer. Fourthly, you should get an idea about the sensory observations of the interviewer.

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  • Format the interview questions

After developing the best questions for an interview guide, the students should try to format these interview questions. Some essential tips in this regard are given below;

  1. The students should try to keep only open-ended questions rather than close-ended questions
  2. The sequence of these interview questions should be kept from broad to narrow
  3. You should try to pose one question at a time
  4. There is no need to pose multi-part questions in an interview guide