PhD Dissertation Defense

Preparing For Your PhD Dissertation Defense – 10 Tips You Must Know

How well do you know your research project? What have you solved by researching this particular topic? With years of research experience, what have you gained from this research study? These are some of the questions that the research committee may ask you during the defense. In order to answer these questions, you must prepare for your PhD dissertation defense well. Without preparation, you cannot do well in the final presentation, and the research committee may fail you in your dissertation.

So, how can you prepare well? The answer to this question is way too simple. All you need to do is work on some tips for preparing PhD dissertation defense. Luckily, in today’s article, we will explain all those tips in detail. Yes, you will find a description of the top 10 tips in today’s article. So, let’s get started with the topic straight away.

10 Top Tips To Prepare For Your Dissertation Defense

A dissertation defense or thesis defense is an opportunity for you to defend your research work and explain its implications. This defense is mostly a cross-questioning session, where the field professionals ask different questions from you, and you have to answer them in the right way. Most students fear their PhD dissertation defense. In reality, it is something to enjoy, not to fear. However, a brief description of the top tips is as follows:

1. Start Preparing Early

The dissertation defense is not an exercise of 3 to 6 weeks. It is an exercise that you must start preparing for as early as possible. Do not wait for the completion of the research work, as it will only waste your precious time. Know all the aspects of the research as it progresses.

2. Attend Defense Of Other Students

It may sound weird to be in defense of another student, but it is one of the best tips to prepare for your Defense. When you attend someone else’s defense, you get to know what kind of questions they ask. Also, it will make you familiar with the overall process.

3. Take Enough Time To Prepare Slides

Sometimes, in your PhD dissertation defense, you need to make a presentation. If your teacher also requires so, you must prepare the slides by investing considerable time. Make sure that the design is well modern and that you have explained all the things.

4. Structure The Slides

The structure of the slides is also very important. Your PPT must follow the pattern of your dissertation. It means the introductory slides must come first, followed by literature review, methodology, results, and discussion slides. This is the true structure of a defense presentation.

5. Make A List Of Your Questions

Tip no. 5 is about maintaining a question list of your own. As you have already attended a PhD dissertation defense, you have an idea of the questions that teachers ask. So, based on that idea, prepare a list of questions.

6. Practice In Front Of The Mirror

Practice makes a man perfect. Keeping this in mind, you must practice your prepared PPT in front of the mirror and answer questions that you have made in the previous step. By doing this, you will get the confidence to speak in front of professionals.

7. Arrange A Mock Defense

To get to know more about your preparation or solidify your preparations, you must arrange a mock PhD dissertation Defense session. It could be with your teacher or students who have already defended their dissertations. It is good for your overall preparation, so do not skip it.

8. Make Wise Choices About Professionals

Many universities and research institutes worldwide give students the liberty to choose professionals for their Defense. If this is the case with you, you must make wise choices. Always opt for professionals who work in the same area and who have studied the same subject. You can also opt for the PhD dissertation help from a reliable firm.

9. Prepare The Tools The Day Before

As the student who is going for the Defense, it is necessary that you have everything that may come in handy during the Defense. So, prepare all your tools before leaving for the Defense. It could be taking your notes, copying your PPT into a USB, and things like that.

10. Know That You Will Pass

Setting a winning mindset is necessary when appearing for a PhD dissertation defense. When you have set in your mind that you are going to pass this defense, you will feel a confidence boost in yourself. This confidence boost will allow you to deliver an impressive presentation.


Conclusively, we have discussed the top 10 tips for preparing PhD dissertation defense. If you have taken all these things into consideration, know that you are going to pass with flying colours. So, what are you waiting for? Follow all the tips and get ready for the big day.