Social Work Dissertation Topics

30 Social Work Dissertation Topics and Tips for Writing

Social work research deals with the investigation of problems related to the social work field. It can be defined as the application of research methods to solve problems that produce resistance for social workers in their field.

Social work is based on practical application, so the research on social work must highlight the efficiency of various methods which are used to alleviate the condition of people suffering from poverty and social deprivation. Thus it demonstrates that writing a social work dissertation is an important task as it presents solution to many problems pertaining to social work.

Selecting a Good Dissertation Topic

As you are going to add something new and helpful through your research in the field of social work so, before starting your work take some time for the selection of an appropriate topic. You must take into consideration some of the basic steps as explained by The Academic Papers UK, a top dissertation writing service to choose a topic.

  1. The topic you will select must have some published studies based on it. These studies would help you to build your structure on some solid points. Before selecting these studies you must be focused that these are acknowledged and well received studies published in prestigious academic journals.
  2. Most of the social work topic must be related to the practical work. Theoretical research is also of equal importance but practical knowledge will take your research to another level. Wisely use practical intervention in your work to make it more strong and powerful.
  3. Social work research topics are breaking preconceived notions. You can work on a new topic to add something new in the field. But you must make sure that you can bring solid facts and rational arguments while providing real benefits to the field of social work.
  4. It must be noted that the research topic you will chose match the current trends. As social work is basically related to the structures of the society. Their worth should be measured in accordance with the changes in the society. But you should closely follow trends in your research field so that a completely new topic may not intervene in your progress of writing an effective dissertation.
  5. Another thing you must take care of while choosing a dissertation topic is that the field of social work is too vast. You must determine the area of your interest and narrow down your topic.
  6. If you are motivated to work on a certain issue or topic then it will much easier for you to work till end.
  7. Your dissertation should be a source to fill some gaps in the subject and should offer new solutions to the given problem. If your research is not providing a new perspective then it will not be considered as valuable and an effective work.

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30 Useful Topics for Social Work Dissertation

  1. Discuss the health issues that can arise due to poverty
  2. How aggressive environment effect youth?
  3. Prevention of drug abuse in children with efficient educational measure.
  4. Strategies for building flexibility in welfare workers
  5. Role of family in the rehabilitation of drug addicts
  6. Child abuse in orphanages – How to prevent it?
  7. Types of child abuse
  8. Children suffering from domestic violence – How to approach them
  9. Prevention of child abuse in different regions/states
  10. Strategies to motivate women to report domestic violence
  11. Domestic violence – Damage to family structures
  12. Supporting steps for the victims of domestic violence
  13. Academic performance and career of neglected children
  14. Providing testimony as a social worker
  15. Understanding the symptoms of depression
  16. Employment opportunities for domestic violence survivors
  17. Healthcare for children in (country of your choice)
  18. Obsessive-compulsive disorder- how it feels to live with it?
  19. Reintegration of the abuse survivors in the society
  20. Supportive housing options for immigrants
  21. Single parent – challenges and support strategies
  22. Problem of getting good education for vulnerable categories
  23. Religious beliefs that cause hindrances for welfare workers
  24. Views and opinions of youth on foster care facilities
  25. Emotional intelligences an important aspect for welfare worker
  26. Addiction rehabilitation programs- spirituality is an essential component
  27. Welfare worker’s attitude towards aged community
  28. Language barrier is creating problems for minorities to benefit from medical services
  29. Challenges and issues in the families with adoptive children
  30. Mental health issues for surrogate mother

The above mentioned topics may be used for your dissertation writing of social work. Keep in mind that it is not only a piece of document but it will add something beneficial to the field of social work.

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