Fastest Super Computer Built by China

World’s Fastest Super Computer Built by China – Whats Next?

China and the US try to dominate each other when there comes a concept of the world’s largest supercomputers. That’s why China owns 45.4 per cent of globally top systems. On the other hand, the US owns 21.8 per cent of globally top systems. These figures show that the US is far behind from China when we talk about globally top systems.  Recently, China has made the world’s fastest supercomputer. Now, China is making a multibillion-dollar investment plan. The main aim of this plan is to knock out the US from the top spot in supercomputing ranking. According to a report by a dissertation writing service, making this multibillion-dollar investment plan, China is trying to upgrade its three existing supercomputer labs.

They are aiming that within three years period, they will be able to upgrade their existing supercomputer labs with latest exascale technology. Another important aspect of this multibillion-dollar investment plan is that China will upgrade its infrastructure of supercomputers in such a way that the US will not be able to beat their system for several years. It means that they are trying to dominate US supercomputer technology for various years. Before the creation of this supercomputer, the US had made the world’s fastest supercomputer in 2018. Due to this supercomputer, China had lost its five years of dominance over supercomputers. Another point of this multibillion-dollar investment plan will be such that China will try to dominate over the US in the supercomputer industry for various years.

With the help of this fastest technology, China will be able to bring some advancement in technical fields like it will be easy for them to predict some worse weather conditions, it will be easy for them to model ocean technology into energy technology and it will also be easy for them to simulate nuclear explosions. They will also try to use this supercomputing technology into some commercial appliances. The best use of supercomputing technology is in the form of artificial intelligence.

After losing its dominance over the world’s fastest supercomputing technology, the US has also started to regain its dominance. It is expected that the world’s fastest supercomputer will be built by AMD and Cray for the US government. In other words, they are working on Frontier and it is expected that Frontier will go online in 2021. The main specification of this supercomputer will be such that it will have 1.5 exaflops of processing power. According to a report of the US department of energy, this fastest supercomputer will be able to perform plenty of tasks like they can perform some advanced level calculations in the fields of nuclear and climate research.

It is expected that Frontier will be able to make 1.5 quintillion calculations just within a second. A quintillion means that it has eighteen zero behind it. In figures, we can write a quintillion as 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. Moreover, AMD has also predicted that the processing power of Frontier will be equal to the processing power of today’s combined 16 supercomputers. The bandwidth of this supercomputer will also be mind-blowing. It means that it will be able to process 100,000 HD movies just within a second. Its footprint will also be amazing and it will be able to take up 7,300 square feet of space.