Women Should Be Encouraged To Be Writer

Why Women Should Be Encouraged To Be Writer?

Women should be motivated, encouraged and supported to see beyond their traditional lifestyle. Feminist should be promoted and the gender difference should be removed.  By giving awareness and freedom to women, we can remove the gap between men and women.  Women should be encouraged to gain training and make them able to gain success in the very field of life. Nowadays, women are getting success in every field of life. Women should be encouraged to come into the writing field. Let assignment writing services discuss in detail the importance of women in the writing field.

Women Can Write More Insistent:

Good writers must be experienced from the dark and light aspects of life. A person cannot present a good piece of writing until he faces the harsh realities of life. The same case is applied here, a woman can write better, because, she is fully aware of the difficulties and troubles of life that women face. Introducing an interesting and live character is essential for grabbing the attention of the readers. Empathic and insistence means an ability to communicate and convey the realities in a good manner.

General Assessment And Expansion Of Literacy Cannon:

Women should be promoted to write, because, women can share and understand the feeling better. A woman knows how to depict a picture of the real words. Women can comprehend the value of the pen. I think, women always follow the famous quote in her writing” a pen is mightier than the sword”.   We can see that women play a vital role in society such as a sister, as a wife, a mother, as a beloved. Women should be given the freedom of choice and they should be encouraged to think beyond gender difference. If we will encourage the women then they will become professional and any country can gain progress.

Women Can Develop Powerful Characters With More Effort:

If you also thinking that why women should be promoted in the writing field then you must realize that women can develop powerful character with extra effort. Women can develop outstanding characters such as “Eve” and “Belinda”. If we compare the literature of women and men then we will realize that women can write better than men. Grammarly report has shown that 55.60% of men writers like to get to the point, and 83.30% of women writers will first spend significant time building the characters. It means that women spend a lot of time in character development and making it more effective and energetic. A large part of the literature revolves around the female character. Without female characters, the literature such as the novel, fiction, poetry, and drama cannot be completed. Even famous writer Chaucer’s has introduced a female character in his famous book “The Prologue To The Canterbury Tales”. Women have enough knowledge and understanding in tech and even the first article on super fastest computer was also written by a woman.

Women Can Write Comprehensible And Reality-Based Content:

According to modern research, Women always follow grammatical rules in their writing. Indeed, women are better than grammar. In modern technology, women are far from utilizing the technical tool for making their writing effective and more comprehensible. If we see in history, women have a revolution the many fields of life. Especially, in the literature, we will find big names that have written a remarkable piece of writing. Along with that, all the famous writers have supported the women. For example, Ibsen has written a lot of books on feminist and he has developed many ideas to give importance to the women in the society.

In the women’s literacy history, we can see the work of Virginia Wolf.  She has written a great piece of art by following the traditional method of writing. Women should be encouraged to write, because, women can write better about history, gender, religion, class and race. Along with that, we cannot deny the women contribution in literature history. A woman does not write for herself, indeed, she writers for country and nation. Women can support the other’s people for doing hard work and getting success in life. Through the professional writing style and powerful words, women can encourage other people to do handwork and gain success in life. For promoting logical assumptions, we should encourage women.