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The Evaluation Of In-Flight Services And Whether Financial Performance Is Related To Customer Satisfaction

The services that are available for the aircraft passengers during a flight are known as in-flight services. In 1921, the film was showed for the first time during an in-flight service. If we talk about the launching of the first media event during an in-flight service, then we come to it was, first of all, was launched in 1932. In 1960, the entertainment has become the mainstream of in-flight service. In 1961, the first feature film was shown by TWA during a flight. The first pneumatic headset was developed for the flights in 1963. If you don’t have enough idea about these in-flight services, then you can get help from experts in academic writing services. Here, we will discuss how the evaluation of in-flight services and financial performance are related to customer satisfaction.

If we talk about customer satisfaction, then we come to know that we can easily increase customer satisfaction by providing them with the best entertainment services. If we take an overview of the annual survey of the travel, then we come to know that during the last decade, the expectations of the passengers are tough to meet when there comes a question of the in-flight services. The main things that can become a cause of satisfaction for the customers are the cheaper fares, the best quality of the planes, and the bigger overhead bins. If the baggage-handling performance is also up to the expectations of the passengers, then this thing can also become a cause of increasing customer satisfaction.

According to the new report about customer satisfaction, in 2018, the overall satisfaction of the customers is increased from 6 points to 762 points. The only area in which the airlines lost points is the in-flight services like the quality of food, the quality of drinks, and some modern ways of entertainment. According to Taylor, it is a real challenge for the airlines to keep pace with the technology in order to achieve their goals. Its main reason is that the airlines face a lot of problems to provide such personal devices to the passengers that have trouble-free connections. The airline owners should keep in mind that if they provide the best in-flight services to their customers, then this thing will last a positive impact on the minds of these customers.

Recently, a report was published about the in-flight experience. According to this report, most of the airline owners think that almost all the passengers have Smartphones and they should entertain themselves with the help of these Smartphones. On the other hand, there are also some airline owners who provide a wide variety of in-flight entertainment services to their customers. In this report, it is considered that it is a positive experience for the passengers to use in-flight entertainment services rather than Smartphones. Due to this report, all the airline owners have decided to provide the best in-flight entertainment services to their passengers. For this reason, they are trying to introduce new technology in their planes. In short, we can say that the evaluation in-flight services and financial performance is related to customer satisfaction.