Average Doctoral Dissertation

How Long Is the Average Doctoral Dissertation?

If you have been assigned a PhD dissertation by a teacher, it is very important that you understand what writing this significant paper is all about and how you need to work on it to succeed. It is because no matter in which part of the world you live or study, you will have to write a top quality and custom dissertation that follows the teachers given guidelines and instructions in order to get your doctorate degree and enjoy a good future.

Teachers assign this doctoral dissertation because they want to see how well the students have learned during their course of study and if they are really ready to move forward from the stage when they are about to become the masters of a field and get a doctorate for it. It becomes necessary to focus on each and every detail of writing their doctoral dissertation and focus on all the aspects.

The length of paper or the number of words is a very key question when students are given to write their dissertation. The length of an average doctoral dissertation is generally 40 to 80 pages which do not include the bibliography. It means that an average doctoral dissertation can be anything from 20,000 words to 80,000 words depending on what the students are aiming for and if they are able to explain their research problem, its solution and the evidence most efficiently.

However, it is important that the length according to the topic as well as the method of analysis so it is best to seek the teachers advise when you do not know how long your dissertation should be. There are many soldiers who run out of words when they are writing up because due to lack of information as well as lack of writing skills they do not know how to play with words and continue writing by creating arguments and coming up with points after points.

It is also very important for students to know that when they are working on their doctoral dissertations they should think about the quality and not the quantity and write a paper as specified by the committee. In most of the cases, a degree committee prescribes elements of length and style of writing and they expect the students to follow them but it is also very important for students to know that they should aim for quality and not just be filling the pages with jargon and gibberish that does not make any sense.

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As each dissertation has several sections that begin from introduction to the main body of discussion and end with a conclusion, the students will have ample margin of writing especially in the main body where they will be discussing their research methodologies, results and analysis but they should also not exceed the word limit because it will not do them any good and they will only end up wasting their time and efforts.

Students must ask their teachers about the average length and the number of words for their doctoral dissertation because this will help them focus on their writing task in a much better way. They will have an accurate idea of how they should work on their arguments and wrap them up within the word limit.