Dire Need of Career Counseling

The Dire Need of Career Counseling

In a third world country, where education is scarce, the need for proper career counselling is of immense importance. The problem begins the day a child is born. The fate of that child’s career is decided right then and there by the parents on their own, or because of some relatives that want the child to be a doctor, this culture, this brutally disgusting nature of adults need to be changed. This change can only be brought about by career counselling from coursework writing services. A proper network of career counsellors all over the country should be in charge of helping children choose their path.

The team of career counsellors should be well connected and informed about the latest research in all fields; all over the world. They should be fully equipped with all the technological advancements and must not be afraid or resilient to reach out underprivileged students. They must have high command over all academic research and must be proficient in counselling. This entire project should be funded by the government and strict measures must be taken to keep everything in check. The counsellors must be made aware of their role and importance before apprehending them this critical situation so they can offer their services properly.

The point of career counselling is not just guiding students to decide what career to choose, it has much more important than just guiding where to buy dissertations online. The main purpose of career counselling must be to help each and every child understand the importance of their education and help them follow their heart. The second thing career counselling is going to help students with is their parents. Career counsellors must have immunity from parents and must have the upper hand in deciding the fate of the child. Parents need to understand that their child is not a machine and cannot perform in whatever field they ask them to.

The students must be well aware of their counsellor and should visit them whenever they feel like. Parents meddling with the choice of career of their child are a big problem. The counsellor must be given rights to over-rule decisions made by parents on the authority of the government. A special training program must be held every month to provide updated information about careers around the world. The third thing career counselling is going to help with is changing the image of arts subjects. The defaming and demoralization of students enrolled in arts and arts-related subjects break people to the extent that they decide to commit suicide.

Imagine this being happened to medical students while writing dissertation. Career counsellors should highlight important personalities from the past who prospered in arts, who took arts beyond just drawing and making things. They should highlight architects, models, designers and all other art related people. This isn’t just ‘any’ problem, it is increasing catastrophically and drastic measures must be taken in order to save the dreams and hopes of our future generations. If this is delayed any further, the results will be irreversible. Save our children, save our future.