Avengers Infinity War (Movie Review)

Avengers: Infinity War (Movie Review)

This movie was released in 2018. This movie is the sequel of a movie ‘The Avengers’ which was released in 2012. The directors of this movie are Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. The producer of this movie is Kevin Feige. This movie is edited by Jeffrey Ford. The name of the production company of this movie is Marvel Studios. The distribution company of this movie is Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The running time of this movie is almost 149 minutes. The budget for this movie was 350 million dollars. If you are not able to write a movie review of the Avengers: Infinity War, then you can get help from experts in essay writing services.The central character of this movie is performed by Robert Downey. He has played the role of an iron man. He is a genius person and is the leader of the Avengers. Moreover, he is also a billionaire. Chris Hemsworth has played the role of the king of Asgard and he is also an Avenger. Mark Ruffalo is a genius scientist as well as an Avenger. The role of Chris Evans is that he is the captain of America. He is also a superhero because he is the leader of a faction of Avengers. Scarlett Johansson is acted like a trained spy. Benedict has played the role of a doctor in the movie. Don Cheadle is also an Avenger and he has the ability to operate the War Machine.

In the movie, the desire of Josh Brolin is to acquire the powerful cosmic gems. These powerful cosmic gems are known as ‘Infinity Stones’. These infinity stones are considered as the essential elements of all the MCU movies. MCU stands for Marvel Cinematic Universe. To gain his goal, marches spend half of life in the universe. He believes that if he gets success to acquire these cosmic gems which are known as infinity stones, he will be able to control all the resources which are used in the universe. To stop him by acquiring the infinity stones, all the superheroes of the Marvel are lined up. In these heroes, there comes Iron Man (a leader of the Avengers), Steve Rogers (Captain of America), Black Widow and Thor etc.

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In this team, a doctor is also included. The name of the doctor is Strange. To get an idea about the paths, the guardians of the galaxy are also included in this team. The leader of these guardians is Star-Lord. They travel to many continents and planets but they are not able to find anything. As a result, a massive climate battle is started. The result of this massive climatic battle is that it has lasted a lot of shocking consequences on the health of the people. According to viewers and other experts of the film industry, this film is considered as one of the most intensive and complex movies which are made by MCU. The characters and storylines of this movie are a little bit confusing for the viewers. The budget for this movie was almost 400 million dollars but its gross income is more than 2 billion dollars.