LGBT Tolerance Around The World

LGBT Tolerance Around The World

In LGBT, ‘L’ stands for ‘Lesbian’, ‘G’ stands for ‘Gay’, ‘B’ stands for ‘Bisexual’ and ‘T’ stands for ‘Transgender’. This term is used in our societies since 1990. There are some LGBT Movement Advanced Projects in all around the world that are pertaining not only the sexuality but they are also pertaining the gender identity. They are also providing some services to the LGBT society. With the help of LGBT, we are seeing some changes in the world of sexuality and gender identity. The LGBT tolerance all around the world is explained below by assignment writing services provider company in UK.

  • Homosexuality

In Africa and the Middle East, homosexuality is considered as a legal matter. Its reason is that in these areas, the people who are gay and lesbian are imposed on death. Recently, the supreme court of India has decided to take an overview of the law against homosexuality. In Palau, homosexuality is legal. In Uganda, homosexuality in the case of men is not legal but in the case of women, there are some uncertainties. In India, homosexuality is completely illegal and they imposed some penalties on them like they are imposed to death. In South Sudan, it is also illegal and there is also punishment for them.

  • Marriage

We can also see different views of the East and West regarding the same-sex marriage issue. In the West, there are lots of countries that allow same-sex marriages. There are some countries in which it is legal to maintain some other type of partnerships among the same sex. There are also some countries in which there are some organizations that are working for the same sex marriages. There are also some countries in which these organizations are banned. On the other hand, in the East, same-sex marriages are completely illegal.

  • Changing gender

It is a fact that for the transgender people to change gender is a really difficult and complicated procedure. There are some countries which allow their residents that they have the right to change their gender. There are some countries in which a person changes gender only after the surgery. In Bolivia, a person can change his gender after the surgery. In Quebec, it is legal for the residents to change their gender without surgery. In Italy and Israel, the changing gender is also legal but it is necessary for them to change their gender only after surgery.

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  • Adoption

There are also different laws regarding adoption in all around the world. There are some countries which allow LGBT parents to adopt children. On the other hand, there are also some countries which allow the adoption to only married couples. If we take an overview of different countries regarding the adoption, we come to know that most of the countries like Ireland, Greenland and Australia allow their residents to adopt children either they are LGBT parents or married couples.

  • Discrimination

In Europe, there is great protection against discrimination issues. On the other hand, there are also some countries which provide some amount of protection and there are also some countries which don’t provide protection at all.