Best Education in UK

Top 5 Cities for Best Education in the United Kingdom

Education is the most important and essential part of a student’s life. A good education can help you to meet your goals. Your whole life is based on what you studied and from where you have studied. The best institute makes the best students. Students need to select the best school, college, and university for better education. They should decide what they want in their life and from where they want to get educated. Once they will decide the place and country of study, they will ignore other things regarding that place.

Always select the country for your study which is best and highly ranked around the world. The United Kingdom is well known for its best-rated and ranked educational cities for students. Not for the students within the country, but also for foreigners. In this article by dissertation writing services, we are going to discuss the top 5 cities for the best education in the United Kingdom.


Oxford is usually known by people as a university, but it is a city as well. The city is compromised by the most famous Oxford University. This university is ranked as the 1st most top university in the world. This city is known as the city of students. People all around the world came here to get an education.


Edinburgh is another famous and big city in the UK. It is the capital of Scotland. This city is very famous, but its population is not very high. This city is visited by most people for educational purposes. The lifestyle and quality of education attract national and international students. Edinburgh is ranked as the 2nd best city in the United Kingdom for students’ education. The most popular university in this city are; Heriot-Watt University, University of Edinburgh, and Edinburgh Napier University. Edinburgh is known by the students as the place of opportunities, full of art and culture, a place of affordability and good for employment.


Manchester is ranked as 3rd best city for education in the United Kingdom. This city is not famous for other things, but well known as the home of universities around the world. This city has the best ways for life and with all the facilities for its inhabitants. It has the best-ranked universities that include; Manchester Computing Center, University of Manchester, University of Bolton, and University Centre Oldham, etc.


London is the capital city of the UK. It is considered the most populated city in England. This city is well known for the best universities for student’s education. These universities are not only best for national students but also international students. In London, more than 300 languages have been spoken and almost all students all around the world visit the UK to get the best education according to their fields. It is ranked as the 5th best city of education around the globe. A few of the most famous institutes of this city are; Kings College London, Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL), London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Imperial College London, and UCL (University College London), etc.


Last, but not least Cambridge. Cambridge is also a city just like Oxford located in the north of the United Kingdom. This city is covered by university and known as another city of students. Since it is covered by numerous universities, only two universities are world-famous. These universities left behind all other universities around the world. The 1st university is Anglia Ruskin University and the 2nd is the University of Cambridge. Due to these best and famous institutes, Cambridge is known as the world’s 5th best city for education in London.

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All these above cities of United Kingdom are well known for their educational institutes. The UK is the largest country in the world, with its richest history, traditions, and culture. Without any doubt, it is recognized as the best place of study. History shows that this country gives rise to many Scientists, doctors, politicians, and Nobel Prize winners. All universities of the UK are known as the hub of education. The people of all countries get education from these universities and serve their nations.

Students around the world take admission to these universities based on their interest level and educational background. Most of the students with the best grades in previous degrees get scholarships from these universities and get their education free of cost.