Overview of Online Learning

An Overview of Online Learning through edX, Coursera and Udemy

In the modern world, technology is playing a vital role in our lives and proving it beneficial in many areas by saving time and money. It has increased our comfort and autonomy while handling general tasks.  Technology has also brought a revolution in modes of education. There are numerous educational platforms that can be accessed with the help of technological resources. We have seen an increase in the number of Distance Learning platforms in recent years. Now students have more choices and resources to gain new experiences in the field of education.

There are various platforms that focus on vocational training and resources to ease the student’s approach to distance learning. Each of these platforms has distinct characteristics, addressing the content of different areas of study and level of expertise. Below is an overview by a dissertation writing service about the three of these online learning platforms edX, Coursera and Udemy.


The EDX is an academic platform created by two well-known higher education institutions; Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In the start, there were only a few higher education and vocational courses available at the platform. These courses were provided by the two universities that have created the platform. But in recent years the creators have allowed independent teachers from various study areas and higher education institution to share their shorts through the particular platform. Now the platform has some free courses as well.

These courses include different areas of study such as language courses, programming, Information technology, computer sciences, Data Analysis and Processing Sciences and Statistics techniques. Students are awarded with certificates on completion of courses, but all the courses are not provided by Harvard University or MIT. So you need to check for course provider if your objective is to use the certificate in any selection process in the future.

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The Coursera is an American company that facilitates in online learning. You can avail both free and paid courses at Coursera. The free courses are also highly qualified in terms of subject material and relevance. Free courses only charge fee for certificate issuance while for private courses it is included in the tuition fee. One of the significant features of Coursera is that its courses are mainly offered by some of the renowned institutions of higher education, such as Duke University, Stanford, UC San Diego, Johns Hopkins University, Imperial College London, University of Virginia, USP and UNICAMP.

Due to this, Coursera is among the main platforms for individuals who want vocational courses that guarantee academic and professional validity. Another quality of Coursera courses is that a number of them are part of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), so many of these courses are free and highly qualified, with only the charges of certificates.


Udemy is another distance learning platform for education created by Eren Bali in partnership with Gagan Biyani and Oktay Caglar in the year 2009. It is an open course platform that not only helps students access online learning but also facilitate qualified professional to create free courses to distribute privately. Today the platform offers over 100,000 courses. Udemy provides courses in various areas of study, level of expertise, languages and duration. The creator must have the copyright of the content offered and it is his responsibility to check the authenticity of the course’s information.

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Udemy can be a great platform for the individuals who have remarkable knowledge and they want to share this knowledge with the help of video lessons and earn money from it. The professionals who are looking for ways to broaden their audience through internet platforms can also use Udemy to achieve their goals. Udemy can help people who are trying to learn particular skills and activities to use them in their daily routine and want to learn these skills through the internet from professional who can provide the best guidance regarding their queries. And it is the best platform the academics and professional who want to increase the market value of their academic and professional degree with the help of certificates provided for various courses.

It is noted that Udemy also provides certificates for the courses offered by the platform, but mainly it is the responsibility of the course creator. Thus, the impact of these certificates on an academic and professional career may vary slightly from course to course. These are the three significant platforms for online learning. Each of them has its own specificities and learners can easily choose the platform that is suitable for them by looking at the overview.